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Social & lifestyle programmes

Our people’s success is at the heart of our business success

We want you to feel acknowledged, rewarded and recognised for your contribution to the organisational success. We care about every facet of our people’s lives, we have created a support system that enables our people, their families and communities to thrive.

Recognising and rewarding the extra mile


We recognise and reward the exceptional work that our employees deliver. Applause is our recognition programme where managers and employees are allocated monthly points to celebrate colleagues for demonstrating our values.

Anything, anywhere, anytime

Yell 4 Yellow

With Santam Yell 4 Yellow, you get exclusive access to a range of lifestyle offerings and value-added services. From expert advice and emergency assistance to information services and online shopping, we simplify your life, so you can focus on doing the things that make you happy.

Comparative shopping

Live with purpose and within budget.

Exclusive discounts

Get what you need for less. Enjoy exclusive discounts.

Travel and accommodation

Ignite your passion for the world around you.

Concierge service

Get what you need without leaving your home or office.

Teacher Assist

Unlock your child’s potential.

Health & wellbeing

A caring, confidential service that helps you and your family

When you need a supporting hand, we’re there to help you and your family deal with difficult personal or work-related issues.

Employee assistance program

Live to the fullest with professional psychosocial support, financial advice and legal advice.

Santam wellness

Elevate your overall day-to-day experience and achieve balance in your life. This programme focuses on tailored physical, psychosocial, lifestyle and financial wellness offerings.

Financial wellness programme

Get control of your financial life with expert, practical advice and solutions from an independent team of coaches who are specialists in the field of financial wellness.

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