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What was once a toy is now a major global industry

In just a few years, drones have gone from being expensive toys to widely used items. Santam offers private drone insurance options for lovers of these flying machines. Drones can range in price from R1 000 to over R100 000 and are exposed to many hazards, which is why getting the right cover from an insurer that understands all the risks is vital. Drone insurance provides cover if your drone is lost, damaged or causes loss, damage or injury to others.

The benefits of insuring your drone with us

Protect yourself and others

In response to this growing popularity, Santam Aviation has developed an insurance product that provides the full spectrum of cover for drone owners and operators within the private space.

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Expertise in drone

Our drone insurance policy covers the drone in case of loss, damage or causes damage, loss or injury to others.

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Comprehensive cover

Make sure that you have comprehensive cover for your drone from SA’s leading drone insurer.

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Why you need drone insurance

Did you know that 75% of drone accidents are due to pilot error? And 10% of drones are destroyed on their first flight. Those statistics make sense when you consider that approximately 50 000 drones in South Africa are flown by amateurs. If those facts aren’t a persuasive argument for insurance, consider this – drones are expensive, and if one goes missing or causes damage, the owner can expect a hefty financial loss.

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