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Extend your home contents insurance to cover the items that are important to you outside of your home

Everyone owns something special that they don’t want to break or lose. It could be anything from family heirloom jewellery to a brand-new laptop or an expensive camera. No matter what your treasured possession is, you may need All risks insurance to protect it.

All risks insurance at a glance


Collections and personal documents

Mobile communication devices

Photographic equipment


Sports gear



Computer equipment

Audiovisual equipment

Musical instruments

Home entertainment devices

Medical equipment

Camping gear

Bank vault contents

Vehicle sound equipment

Cellphone insurance

Cover for your smartphone as well as any other accessories (power bank, charger, or headphones, for example) if it is specified in your home insurance policy. This insurance policy will compensate you in the event of loss or damage to items you normally carry with you outside your home.


Laptop insurance

We offer cover for your laptop as well as any laptop accessories (charger and cables, for example), including standard software available in retail stores, if it is specified as part of your home insurance policy.

Cycling gear

Comprehensive cover for your cycle wear, bicycle as well as running and cycling technology (including cellphone, smartwatch, Garmin, iPod, etc.) under our All risks cover. This insurance product will compensate you in the event of loss or damage to items you normally wear outside your home. Specific sporting gear such as your cycling kit, helmet and cleats can also be specified under your personal insurance policy.

Smartwatch – wearable technology used for running

You only have to count how many people show up on race day to see how popular endurance running has become in South Africa. While most runners want nothing more than a good pair of running shoes, many have started using wearable technology to track their distance and time while pumping out a great running playlist. We will cover your wearable technology if it is specified in your home insurance policy.

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Do you also cover household goods?
We offer extensive home contents cover to ensure that your household goods are sufficiently protected against any insurable adverse event.
What is optional cover?
This is insurance cover which is in addition to the standard insurance cover offered for a property. You can choose to add this cover to the standard cover but at an additional premium. This is also referred to as an “extension.”
What is the meaning of new for old settlement?
In relation to "indemnity" and "betterment", there are instances where you will be bettered by the insurance settlement, e.g., electronic gadgets (such as cellphones) constantly get upgraded and old ones discarded and if it is destroyed or lost it is not possible to replace it with the same make and model. In the event of the loss of the insured item we will settle the claim by providing a similar new upgraded version of the electronic gadget as a replacement of the old one.

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