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You work hard for your business, let us work hard for you

It’s not easy running a business. Fierce competition, demanding customers and unreliable supply chains are some of the everyday challenges that can put your business at risk. But there are some things you can count on – your business savvy and our cover. Santam offers insurance good and proper for businesses of all sizes. Our depth of expertise means we recognise specific risks your organisation may face and provide tailored solutions for optimal cover. Because choosing the right insurance for your business is the foundation of protecting it.

Why you should trust us with your business

Flexibility to meet your changing needs

From comprehensive commercial business cover to specialist risk products for niche industries, we’ll find the best solution to match your current requirements, with the flexibility to change as your business does.

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Going the extra mile

Santam understands that running a successful business takes a lot of time, hard work and the right partnerships. And when you work hard to succeed, you need a partner that helps you thrive.

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Specialist risks for niche industries

Insurance is rarely a one-size-fits-all solution. We have crafted a range of specialist risk products designed for niche industries with unique and specific needs.

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For your hardest working asset

Motor insurance

No matter the size of your business, we’ll cover all your vehicles against everyday travel risks. We offer eight different cover options to select from depending on your needs and budget.

Protect the home of your business

Property insurance

Whether you own or rent a property, your business premises is the heart of your business. Our comprehensive range of cover solutions offers protection against damages to your business’s physical assets, as well as for losses arising from an incident causing an interruption to your business operations.

Public, employer’s and umbrella liability options

Liability cover

Protect the business you’ve spent time and effort building against a wide range of liabilities. Our specialist liability cover options protect your business against legal liabilities for property damage or bodily injuries to third parties arising out of your business activities, with the option to extend cover to include legal liability for products supplied and defective workmanship. Specialist covers can be obtained via SHA and/or Mirabilis . Additional contingency cover can be arranged for employee injury during their employment, and more.

Small business insurance

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A product to meet your specific industry needs

No two businesses are alike and, when it comes to specific industries, the needs of a business can differ vastly. Delivering on our promise to provide insurance good and proper, not only can our standard business insurance be customised to suit your needs, but we’ve created tailor-made insurance products to meet the unique requirements of specific industries.


We offer standard business solutions and industry-specific cover for guesthouses, B&Bs, timeshare and more. Helping to keep your doors open.

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Tourism & leisure

We know the ins and outs of what it takes to cover B&Bs, hotels, game farms, golf estates, restaurants and restaurant franchises, and more. So, you can continue to welcome global travellers to your premises.

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Real estate

Sectional title, homeowners’ associations, retirement villages – we meet the needs of the collective property schemes industry with comprehensive, industry-specific solutions. For when people’s homes depend on it.

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Educational institutions

Protecting the assets of educational institutions is a highly specialised field. We offer protection against risk for buildings, equipment, sports facilities and more. So, you can keep growing our future generations.

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Religious institutions

Insuring religious institutions requires an in-depth knowledge of the specific risks these organisations face. Our expertise, which spans over 105 years, guarantees peace of mind that all eventualities have been anticipated.

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Small business insurance

Running a small business in South Africa comes with unique challenges and opportunities. Get cover that meets your specific needs.

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Stay ahead of cyber threats

Cybercriminals no longer only target big businesses. Large, small, whichever industry you’re in, every business is a potential target for criminals and they are getting more and more sophisticated every day. Insure your company against cyber threats such as data breaches, cyber extortion and cybercrime and associated third-party liability arising from a breach.

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Santam business assist

At Santam, we understand this and know that your time is precious. You need to focus 100% of your time and energy on your livelihood. With Santam Business Assist, we work hard for you by taking care of the administrative tasks while you focus on growing your business. View our services.

Emergency and convenience services

Even with the best plans in place, emergencies can arise. Santam Business Assist is designed to help you handle unforeseen office emergencies with ease. Whether it’s plumbing, electrical issues, a broken window, lost or broken keys, renewing your vehicle’s licence disc or a driving service; we have someone to assist you.

Finance assist

Access to telephonic financial advice and preventative education rendered by highly skilled professional consultants to help you manage your finances effectively.

Marketing assist

Access to experts to help you with your marketing needs. An online presence can widen your exposure to potential customers, bolstering sales.

Labour and hr assistance

Santam Business Assist connects you to qualified legal advisors and HR experts who will help you with your labour and HR related matters.

IT helpdesk

Offers IT support on IT related issues for personal computers and laptops operated in small businesses.

Business assistance

In running your business, you need to purchase goods, services and equipment on a regular basis. In addition, you might need to book appointments, arrange travel and accommodation. If you are in the business that looks out for tenders, the ability to keep track of relevant tenders can be costly and time consuming.

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Customise your cover

Let’s create your perfect solution together. Contact one of our expert intermediaries to customise your cover.

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