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For us, insurance good and proper is a way of life. Simply call our 24/7 Emergency line on 0860 505 911 or download our Client app. Our range of SOS services is available at no additional cost to our policyholders. - Road assistance - Home assistance - Home drive assistance - Route assistance - Medical assistance - Legal assistance

Roadside assistance

If you’re stuck with a flat tyre, flat battery or any other emergency at the side of the road, you can call Santam’s 24/7 Emergency service at any time, night or day to arrange for help.

Services include:

Assistance in the event of a mechanical or electrical breakdown

A jump-start service

Assistance when your keys are locked inside your vehicle

Changing tyres on roadside and non-roadside locations

10 litres of fuel supplied when you’ve run out

Home drive assistance

Home drive assistance is a unique solution designed to encourage you to drive responsibly. Statistics show car incidents as a result of drinking and driving account for a large percentage of accidents on our roads, especially at night.

Services include:

It is available within a 50-km radius of the CBD of 10 cities

The maximum is six trips per renewal period of your policy

Book the service in advance

Home assistance

Household emergencies happen. Whether it's electrical or plumbing, a burst geyser or broken locks, we're here 24/7 to take care of it.

We’ll provide:





Limited to three Home Assist services per renewal period of your policy

Route assistance

If you find yourself in unfamiliar territory, access Route assistance 24/7 and we'll help you get back to where you're supposed to be.

Services include:

Directions if you are lost or need to know the right route – 24/7

Get detailed map information (major metropolitan areas) and basic route information (rural areas)

Medical assistance

In the event of any medical emergency, contact Santam Emergency services 24/7 to arrange emergency medical assistance and transportation.

Services include:

Immediate dispatch of emergency medical services in order to provide life-saving assistance

Emergency transportation by air or road ambulance

Following an incident, your children are transported to a place of safety if required

Referrals to doctors and other medical facilities

Unlimited telephonic trauma counseling

Legal assistance

Our 24/7 service provides you with emergency legal assistance.

Services include:

Our experienced attorneys can provide expert legal assistance

Advice over the phone and standard documentation are free

The first 30 minute consultation is free

Terms and conditions apply

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Tel: 0860 505 911

If you are on vacation in one of South Africa’s neighbouring countries, will you still enjoy the benefits offered in terms of the Value added services?
The services are restricted to areas within the boundaries of South Africa.
What will happen if the 10 litres of fuel supplied is not enough to reach the nearest petrol station?
Additional fuel will be supplied but the cost will be for your account.
Will the client have to settle the difference between the service provider e.g. plumber, locksmith’s fees, and the amount paid in terms of the Home assistance benefit directly with the provider?
You will be liable to settle costs directly with the service provider irrespective of non-emergency repairs conducted or where the call-out costs exceeds the limit of R500 per incident.
Why is the Home drive assistance benefit restricted to certain areas only?
It is logistically impossible to provide Home drive assistance in all areas (small towns and other rural areas) and therefore it is restricted to the main city centres of South Africa. Policyholders that are in other areas outside the mentioned city centres are not prejudiced against, as this benefit is free of charge.

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