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Farming is one of mankind’s greatest achievements. Over the centuries, it has evolved into a sophisticated science, allowing us to maximise output while maintaining sustainability. Despite modern techniques, there are still numerous risks and challenges facing farmers and their crops. As your partner in agriculture, we understand that effective risk management is crucial. We offer more than insurance expertise; we invest in our own research into conditions affecting crops and use this knowledge to advise and create effective risk management solutions for a sustainable future.

The benefits of insuring your crops with us

Ground-breaking technology

Farming is complicated enough – we don’t want to make it more so. We use the latest technology to offer simplicity and efficiency. A dedicated IT infrastructure and IT team result in effective crop insurance administration that can produce accurate reporting and analysis at any level of detail required.

World-class crop insurance

Our crop insurance solutions are designed on the back of extensive experience, in-depth research, and a thorough understanding of the agriculture sector. From our Hail, Fire, Multi Peril or Sundry insurance offerings, we have you covered.

Sharing in-depth knowledge and understanding

We have comprehensive knowledge and experience, understanding the fundamentals of farming and the integral role that conditions play in responsible agriculture. We use this understanding to not only devise our innovative products but to inform our clients of all risks and help them manage them proactively.

Crop research

To fully understand the conditions that crops experience, Santam Agriculture established a research farm in Mooihoek near Bloemfontein – the first and only South African insurer to do so. The scientific research done in conjunction with other agriculture business research partners provides us with invaluable information about the potential damage to crops at various growth stages. The effect of hail damage on crops is a specific study we undertake and demonstrates how our commitment to insight and innovation adds value for farmers and producers.

Agricultural research
Agricultural technology

Efficiency through technology

Our commitment to providing excellent products and services is aided by the pursuit of innovation-led solutions. Our dedicated IT team manages a computer system specifically designed for effective crop insurance administration. We are also able to produce accurate reporting and analysis at any level of detail required. What’s more, we recently implemented a mobile application facilitating the claims assessment procedures and completion of inspection reports for Multi-Peril Crop Insurance.

Insure your assets

A farm consists of more than crops, including vehicles, buildings, farm implements and computer equipment. And every single item plays a vital role in keeping your farm working. We offer specialised asset insurance that is particular to your specific sector. We go beyond crop insurance and offer farmers insurance that covers property, vehicles, liability, guesthouses and much more. Whichever sector you’re in, you will find the expert cover to protect your business and livelihood.

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24/7 Emergency agri-assistance

Wherever you are, no matter how remote the location, you can count on the professionalism, training and speed of our 24-hour services free of charge. View services

Emergency medical services

Emergency evacuation and transportation by ambulance, helicopter and fixed-wing aircraft.

Personal health advisor

Access to emergency medical advice, an audio health library, general health information, a drug database, and counselling whenever you need it.

Legal assistance

A 24-hour advice line, manned by experienced in-house attorneys – offering general legal advice, labour law advice, legal documentation, and many other forms of legal expertise. 

A crisis line

A 24-hour service where trained nurses and paramedics take control of any medical emergencies.

Need immediate assistance?

0860 505 911

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Let’s create your perfect solution together. Contact one of our expert intermediaries to customise your cover.

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Tel: 051 407 3005

Tel: 051 407 3072

What does the free 24-hour emergency services include?
Crisis line , Emergency medical services, Personal health advisor and Legal assistance to the insured, employee, guest or visitor on the farm.
Are fire-extinguishing charges covered under public liability section?
With the extension: fire-extinguishing charges to prevent the spreading of fire beyond your borders to the amount of R250 000 or the amount stated in the schedule.
What cover in offered for Goods in Transit?
Goods can often be damaged or stolen while being transported, which is why we cover you against this risk. Cover for the loss of or damage to liquid pesticides, herbicides and fertiliser while being dispensed during transportation is also included. This cover can be extended for a farmer acting as a part-time transport contractor – occasionally transporting goods for a third party for compensation.

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